Friday, June 08, 2007

The Mayor Invites Mom and Auntie to Dinner

Kind of wild, but my mom and auntie are visiting and while they were resting in the lobby of the Cultural Center, several well-dressed Filipinos (in formal barong and pina dresses) walked by. When she asked them what the celebration was, they invited her and my aunt up to the Mayor's official Filipino reception. Imagine that. Of all the things to stumble upon--and get invited to!

They had a dinner, saw a traditional dance exhibition and heard Chicago's Mayor Daley speak. I got there in time to photograph the pageant queens and mom and auntie with their newfound friends.

Mom and auntie will be with me for my graduation tomorrow and for Kiss Me Kate later that night. Big day tomorrow!


Blogger celia said...

that is so typical of your mom, to stumble onto and get invited to something like that!

congratulations on your graduation! wish we could be there!

3:09 PM  

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