Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cosmo-style Photo Shoot

Friday I have the fun task of overseeing the cover shoot for our magazine. It'll be different because we're doing a take-off of a Cosmo cover using a model. We'll be doing her hair and make-up and trying to get a come-hither look. I'll bring a fan.

The cover story is about staying relevant with the consumer so the headlines will be about "25 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive." We had a great time looking over Cosmo issues for ideas. The one that cracked us up was "Inside His Pants: The 7 Sensations He Enjoys Most."

These include:

The S-Stroke Scratch. (It involves scratching his back in an "S" motion.)
A Tight Grip.
and Alternating Hot and Cold.

I suppose ...


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