Thursday, June 04, 2009

I've Won a Writing Award!

My writing has received a national award! We'll find out next month if I get a gold, silver or bronze.

Here are some thoughts from my Editor Mitch Morrison:

Indeed, it would a slight to our entire company if we did not pause to recognize how outstanding this accomplishment is. In the world of awards, the ASBPE National Award for News Analysis/Investigative is the Oscar’s Best Picture. There is simply no better award than this. It reflects a journalism that is serious, reflective, fair, conscientious and committed.

That CSP has been honored two years straight for this highest of recognitions is a credit to the talented editorial staff we have, to the strong sales and marketing team and the outstanding production and back-office group in Oak Brook. It is a credit to the high quality content delivered by our Meetings Division in Phoenix and our Online group in Milford and Oak Brook. It is also a recognition that our design team at Keystroke has gotten better as well.

This cover story by Angel Abcede and Joe Bush was the product of months of reporting and several planning meetings. When gas prices clipped $3.30/gl nationally, Paul Reuter shared with us a talk he heard from Joe Petrowski that predicted gas could top $4. At the time, few energy analysts dared going in such unchartered territories – remember, gas had never before crossed the $4 line. After much deliberation we decided to think out loud with our readers about what a future with $4 gas might look like.


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Sending Gold ju-ju's your way!

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