Sunday, April 09, 2017

Quick Wedding Week Rundown

Hello Everyone:

Thanks for visiting Bob and my blog for our wedding plans and other information leading up to our special union ceremony and celebration on June 24, 2017 here in Chicago.

We're working to get a room block at the Hampton Inn in the area of Carnivale restaurant, where our wedding and reception will be in the Fulton area of Chicago's downtown. We'll have details this week if you're interested.

Also, know that we'll have people coming into town as early as Tues., June 20 and leaving Mon. June 26. We'll have dinner gatherings planned starting Tuesday for each day leading up to the wedding and a party on Sunday, June 25, which will be Chicago's Gay Pride Parade. Bob and I plan to be on a float in the parade and encourage you all to stay for that event. You can march with us or watch. Either way, we'll all meet up afterwards to be together.

More details to come, but hopefully you've received your invites and can RSVP to us soon. Thanks and see you all here in Chicago!


Angel and Bob


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