Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Keep Talking About Not Drinking...Again

I may be at the point where drinking can now drift away. To even write it on this blog will elicit titters from the peanut gallery. But hear me out. About seven or eight years ago I had hair down to my waist. It was pretty hair. Black and wavy. Just thinking about it now makes me sigh. I loved the way it flowed and in dance, it made for a wild prop (imagine Proud Mary and being able to flip it back and forth when Tina got "rough"). After five years of having it that long, I began contemplating cutting it. Those thoughts danced in my head for weeks. Then, just as I was teetering on the edge of keeping it or cutting, my massage therapist said, "All that hair drains your energy." I cut it off that week.

Back then, I was into keeping my energy. Today, that's still a goal, but deep down, I just don't want to get fat. Since leaving the dance company I was with for 18 years, I've continued a regiment of exercise, but it'll never be as much as I did when I was dancing. And wine, beer, etc. It's all sugar.

I was also inspired by my other half Bob. We had gotten into the habit of opening a bottle of wine every Friday before we went on our weekly dinner "date." Last Friday he said he wanted to get back to his diet and forego the wine. I had always wanted to keep our "couple" moments sacred, but since he wanted to stop, I was inclined (of course I didn't. I had been thinking again about not drinking but I wasn't ready at that moment to stop, so yes, I opened a bottle.)But now, with the barrier of our couple ritual gone, I have one less excuse.

Three things will happen when I stop drinking. I'll save a boatload of money, I'll have more energy and I'll lose weight. All that and I won't be doing any more or less than I have been. Money, energy and supermodel waistline. Hmm.

Well, here I am again. Saying for the thousandth time that I'm going to stop drinking. I tell you what. The second I fall off the wagon I'll tell you.


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