Friday, December 29, 2006

Moscow Cat Theater

I've arrived home from a visit to my friend's home in Lansing, Mich., and last night Bob and I saw the Moscow Cat Theater. We watched a professional clown pantomime vignettes and every now and then, he would bring out a cat who would do a paw stand on his palm. Other cats ran atop a rolling disco ball, stood very still while the main clown dressed them in cute costumes and held on while being swung in huge circles from a rope hung from the ceiling.

The only thing that bordered on animal cruelty was the swinging from the ceiling. For the most part, it was more animal humiliation than cruelty. But it was fun nonetheless. Whee!


Blogger Justin said...

A very happy new year from me n my pets.. The cats seem to njoy a lot n have mastered the art of standing like that....Nice pics.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

Ok... Not only cat theater but Moscow Cat Theater?!! And Professional CLown Pantomimes?!! Iz gotz ta visit you in Twilight Zone! Sounds like a blast!
See ya in January!

The other Angel

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Frances said...

As a dedicated maine coon breeder, my reaction to a cat theater is:
"Cats enjoying their 'command'
theatre performance??......
S H U T - U P !!!!!!

Beautiful felines in appearing great
shape...; but, did any other theatre-goers notice the affects of sheer terror on some of these puss-cats?? (panting, lip-licking, and widely dilated pupils!!)

3:03 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

this other act has been fraudentely representing the show you saw! it's sad...

moscow cat theater conspiracy,

"The show you paid so much to see was not the show advertised. On the add in SF Chronicle and on the web you saw and read accolades earned by Yuri Kuklachev, his son and members of their famous Moscow Cats Theatre. You still can see their pictures on the web with the son on
the main poster.You saw an imposter. That imposter was sued in Russia for similar act
of impersonating Yuri Kuklachev and barred for doing it. Now with help
from an agent they brought this fraud to US. I am not surprised you
were not much impressed with the performance. My advice - ask for your
money back and spread the trues."

Oh no he dih endt! Then i had to give the ebell theatre a ring. I talked to a nice man with an English accent who told me I was the second person to call up asking where the Yuri was and what is up with this weird impersonator. I was given the number to the production company promoting this new cat theatre. This same production company has taken over the old website address and completely eliminated all remnants from the original cast and show like they never existed.

12:51 PM  

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