Friday, June 15, 2007

Big Weekend Illustrated

Finally, I'm able to get some shots up from my big graduation/Kiss Me Kate weekend last week. I've got graduation photos and pics from the dinner before the show.

Of course, Mom and Auntie Thelma were celebrity guests, but I was also able to connect with a bunch of really dear friends including Kristine and Belinda from the old Paulina bunch; Beth from the Sosa clan; my Godspell soul-mates Roberrr and John; my Joel Hall Dancer posse Tracey, Jorge, Chip, Mary and Betsy; my actor pal from L.A., Mike Naggi and his buddies; and some of my more recent friendships in folks like Kevin and Jack. Of course the glue of it all was Bob.

It's really so wonderful to be able to have these moments. I'm so blessed.


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