Saturday, July 04, 2009


My friend Phil from Los Angeles was back in Chicago (he's from here) for the "G-Fest," which is a tribute to all things Godzilla. So I went with him to see "Monsters Attack," which is three monsters helping to fight off Godzilla. If you're a Godzilla enthusiast, the monsters were Mothra, Baragon and Ghidorah. It was really great to see it on a big screen (miniatures getting destroyed and all!).

The film was shown at the historic Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, Ill.

About a 150 people lined up, all form of geek imaginable (age, race, size, shape, male--99%).

Phil (left) and another Godzilla fan show off their T-shirts.

Here I snuck a flash of Godzilla emerging from the water and tourists running for their lives.


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