Thursday, September 15, 2005

Playing with Numbers

I'm playing a little game. It's called MY LIFE. Actually, it's called ALEKS and it stands for something. I'm doing an online accounting class and I, of course, have been dragging my feet ... because it's accounting. However, I have done some work with balance sheets and income statements in past lives so okay, whatever. Well everyone in the newsgroup is chatting about the Pie. The Pie. The dreaded Pie.

Well, I'm wondering what they're talking about. So I finally get to the "tutorial" of ALEKS. It's 25 painstaking questions about assessing gross margins over three years and determining credits and debits and after a ton of "I don't know" click enters, you get your Pie. It's color coded in about six sections with each section having the inner portion darker if you're smart. The more your wedge is dark the smarter you are. I had light Pie. Pie light. One and a half quarter shaded wedgies, and a lot to learn. Depending on how light the piece is means the difference between three or 10 questions you have to answer to complete the wedge. In order to pass the course, I have to complete the Pie.

For the next five weeks, my life will be about this Pie.

What's your next five weeks like?

In woe I compose a haiku:

Fie on this damed Pie!
It's five weeks and accounting
Ah me, for I Pie.

Bad poetry brought to you by frustration and angst.


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