Sunday, July 08, 2007

CSP Family BBQ

We had a family weekend with my co-workers at CSP. Beth from operations hosted at her place in Lombard. I brought samosas from the Tiffin restaurant in India town and the gang munched on that as well as the traditional fare of burgers, hot dogs and other potluck goodies. (Greg P. made some tasty deviled eggs.)

The best was all the kiddies. My co-workers are hard at work starting families and we had a range of kids from toddlers to a 8-10 year-olds--we even had a bun in the oven. In any case, between the kiddie pool and the inflatable jumping cage, it was a barrel of monkies!

Prior to the event, I stopped off at Bill K.'s birthday soiree, complete with catered appetizers and bartenders. Wow--that was fun too! (Sorry, no pictures.)


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