Monday, June 16, 2008

Deano's Visit

This weekend was packed with stuff to do that here it is Monday and I'm truly wiped. Friday night, I went to my friend Robert's play about two lesbians making a gay porn movie on the Bikini Atoll the night before the bomb dropped. It was interesting. Nudity--whee--and a leather man. Then Saturday, our friend Dean and his boyfriend Neil came back into town (Dean's now in San Diego). I have a funny clip of them when we went to Wishbone for breakfast.

Then later that day six Asians and Friends Chicago members came over to help me paint the signs we're putting on the truck we rented for Pride Parade in a couple of weeks. Later that afternoon Elliot from AFC and I went up to the Andersonville street fair which is getting gayer every year (yahoo!). So many muscular man boobs and knobs.

Finally, I saw my friend Chip in Gigi, which was Light Opera Works' latest. That was well done as usual with wonderful voices and that R. Kelly cover, "Thank Heaven, for Little Girls."


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