Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Pirouette Recipe

I've decided to publish what I feel is a personal breakthrough in my pirouettes. I know non-dancers (and even dancers) may not relate to the mechanics or my terminology, but I thought it might spark the imagination of someone out there ...

Angel's Piroutte Recipe

1. Think "light" as balsa wood on approach.
2. Going into the prep, take a light, upper-chest breath with tight tummy and relax all extremities.
3. Take a SLOW APPROACH into the "Cricket Prep" (tight, lower core with relaxed upper chest and extremities).

The next actions happen immediately but in succession.

4. Plunge that solid, lower core straight down into a deeper plie with relaxed thighs and calves.
5. Go up with the rebound.
6. Let the open arm swivel out--big!
7. Follow-through with the opposite shoulder.
8. Relax the calf.
9. Spot crisply.

I've been going back to this formula for the past two days and when everything works in this squence, I can do multiple pirouttes. Whee!


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