Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Audition News

Against my better judgement, I auditioned for a community production of Miss Saigon. I say against my better judgement because of my commitment to my online school (and of course, to my day job). But this opportunity presented itself and I couldn't resist. I've never been in the musical and it was an opportunity to not only do it, but to be considered for a role that I would actually look the part (the Engineer).

So I went last night. It's at a college in the city, which means there are resources there to make the production values great, and the facility is modern.

Well, at the audition, my initial songs were very constricted. I was so nervous and needed to have a better routine of practice so that I could break through it in crunch times. Well, thankfully, they asked me to sing the Engineer role from the musical. I had relaxed a bit and I felt my singing came through. I felt an excitement from them too. My fingers are crossed, but if I get it, I'll really have to work triple hard over the next three months to keep all of my commitments. I'll let you know what happens. I should hear by this week.


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Good luck!!!

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