Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cash in and Walk Away

So I was in Vegas all last week for a convenience store convention. I don't gamble and I was pretty swamped with reporting and interviewing stuff. Well, the last day, I'm dicking around, waiting for the closing session to begin (Colin Powell--great speaker) and I sit at a dollar slot in the Vegas Hilton.

Why not? My mom does it all the time. Sits for hours. Her fingers get black. She rubs the machine for good luck. Prays.

Okay, so I put in $5. The slots whiz. Bar, nothing, nothing. I hit it again. Bar, shiny medallion-symbol, nothing. Ding, ding, ding! The credits start racking up. Sixty credits! Wow! That's $60! Great! Well, slap it again. Whizzz.

Triple bar, medallion, medallion. Dingy, dingy, dingy. The credits fly into the ceiling. $418!

What? Me? Four hundred bucks?!

Cash out. Run away.

Stripper bar.


Blogger celia said...

I love that your mom always wins in Vegas. And she doesn't just rub the machines, she talks to them, too.

Woo hoo! Four hundred bucks! That I believe. You at a strip club? No way.

BTW, I got your postcard and you're right, we should hang out in Vegas some time. Or maybe I should just go shopping for one long weekend in Chicago.

12:04 AM  

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