Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Secret Sabotage Santa

I'd file this under the "Wacky Office Pranks" folder. We have a Secret Santa thing going on here at work. In the three weeks leading up to Christmas, we are to give our Secret Santa person a small gift for weeks one and two and then a larger gift for week three.

I decided to be especially mischevious this year by playing Sabotage Santa. I bought a few odd gifts--gummy worms, a rubber chicken, a sausage--then I wrapped them up and gave them to arbitrary people in the office diguised as Secret Santa gifts. Tee hee. The recipient gets the gift and thinks their Secret Santa is a goof, while the real Secret Santa is confused about who's giving their person extra gifts. Priceless. (Mad scientist laugh here.)

The insanity creeps on.


Blogger celia said...

That's brilliant. I love it. If I liked the people I work with, I would probably do something like that, too. Sigh.

12:19 PM  

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