Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Head Hickies in LA

Three days after leaving L.A. and I still have them. Hickies. On my head. It was not planned. I went to L.A. because my cousin Celia was having her engagement party and oddly enough, my Mom was flying in from Honolulu and guess what, it was also Mother's Day weekend. The confluence of events--the perfect storm as it were--drew me from Chicago to L.A. for a weekend of partying and homage to my Mom.

Well, at the party, I realize that the leather jacket I brought had two unexpected gems: large, yellow, nipple suction cups. Who knew? So I whip them out at the engagement party and put them on my forehead like devil's horns. And on my neck like Frankenstein. It's as funny as it sounds and people giggle.

Then later, my Mom touches my forehead and says, "What's that?" I don't know what she's talking about until the next morning when I have these huge hickies on my forehead. I have them the next morning and I think, "Oh, my God. No!"

I've now had to go to work three days with hickies on my forehead. They're darker and fading now, but I'm still, as the lyrics from "Grease" remind me, "branded, a fool."


Blogger Hadrian said...

Hi this is Mykul in Lansing. Dont do that again!!!! I bet you loked wonderful(as always) what ya doing for pride? R u coming to visit anytime soon? We never go anywhere.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Angel ABC said...

Hi Mykul!
Our Asians and Friends group rented a flatbed truck to join the parade here in Chicago. And unfortunately, no, I won't be headed to Lansing anytime soon. I have family coming to visit and a couple of shows that I foolishly commited myself to. But great to hear from you!

3:16 PM  

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