Wednesday, June 28, 2006


George Takei ("Mr. Sulu" of the original Star Trek series) and his lover Brad were so gracious. We had about 60 people turn up at the reception (after only a few day's notice), and George spoke with everyone, took his time, took photos and shared his wit and sexy voice with an appreicative audience. We saw Asians and Friends folks from way before my time show up and get some Sulu; it was outstanding. My highlight was presenting him with a box of Chicago Chocolate Factory sweets and him telling the audience how things that are bad for you go in cycles and that chocolate--with all its anti-oxidants--is now good for you again. I parted my middle fingers and said, "Well then, live long and prosper!"


Blogger Hadrian said...

how wonderful!!!! glad you had a good time .When are you comin to Michigan sweetie? Oh this is Mykul/.

4:09 PM  
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