Sunday, November 05, 2006


I'm an Engineer virgin no longer. Two shows down, one to go this weekend and then two more weekends. It's been a real blast. My lines are almost all under my belt, although I've had a couple of brain farts here and there. I'm feeling the role more every night and in some places it's been really stellar. The show is really pulling together and I think it'll be fabulous in the coming weeks. I've posted a couple of cute images of me. (I'm so expressive.) I'll chat more and post more pictures as the weeks go on. Having fun in Wilmette! Wish you were here!


Blogger luvkids said...

Wow! I can totally picture you as the engineer! Wish I was in Chicago to see your performance. Can't wait for you to come back out here for a visit....

11:20 PM  

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