Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another Saigon

I should not have done it, but I audition for the role of Engineer in yet another community theater version of Miss Saigon that has bubbled up in Wilmette, Ill. With the last three terms of my online master's degree (I'll finish on Christmas Day), it was not a wise choice to potentially get involved in another musical. But I couldn't help myself, and expressed to the theater producers that I would only do it if given the role of the Engineer.

Well, after a mediocre singing audition and a fab dance audition, they called me back last night. I waited for what seemed like forever as they went through all the actors one at a time. After an hour of waiting, they called me in. They had me sing, "American Dream," and after a few directorial notes, I sunk my teeth into it. I felt totally into the zone and into being the Engineer. Just enough pizazz, just enough bitterness, just enough optimism and "I'd kill for the American Dream" quality. After I was done, I was so jazzed that I had to walk the halls for a half-hour reliving the glory in my head (I'm a mental case, aren't I). Anyway, I walked away thinking I did my best and if they cast someone else, so be it. But I was getting good vibes from the director. If I get it it'll be hard, but exciting.

Again, I'll have to really plan my days so I'm not screwing with my degree (and my real job) if they offer me the role. Keep your fingers crossed!


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