Sunday, November 12, 2006

One Week Left

I have one week left in the time of my life. Yesterday, we videotaped the performance (of our Miss Saigon in Wilmette, Ill.) and I have to say, for the most part, I was happy to have recorded that show. Triple turn, notes on pitch and in-the-moment scenes with me, the gal playing Kim and the guy playing Thuy. It's nice to know I'll have something to look back at when I'm 80. And the parties have been fun. Last night we were at the producer's house and she had a split level with stairs and a balcony. We got into this thing where every time someone walked on the balcony we sang "Tonight" from West Side Story. Then when they came down the stairs we sang, "Hello Dolly." And when people walked up the stairs we did the lyrics "Up the steep and very narrow stairway" from Chorus Line's "At the Ballet." It was funny with people going up and down the stairs. Anyway, the little girl who plays our Tam (Alexis--the smiling girl in an previous entry below) suddenly got frustrated by the game. She stomped up to me and in a Dragon Lady demeanor demanded that we stop singing every time someone went up the stairs. A true diva in the making. Again, having a great time; wish you were here.


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