Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Denver Days

I just spent almost a week in Denver and Boulder, Colo. My initial days there I covered a Chevron conference. They took over the convention center there and made a big mock-up of a store. The one cool thing we did was see a concert at Red Rocks, an amphitheater cut right into the smooth red rocks of a mountainside. You could look down and see Denver. And Chevron hired Amy Grant and Vince Gil to sing just for us!
I spent the weekend in Denver jogging around and clubbing on Capitol Hill, whee! And then in Boulder, our company conference covered the tobacco category. We had dinner at the Red Lion Inn. It's along a windy road into the mountains. It was gorgeous. And so was last night's sunset behind the Rockies.
Back in Chicago now, but Denver was very exciting.


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