Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Inner Demon

Between watching HBO's True Blood and pouring over our Editorial Team's mission statement at work, I've been evaluating what my inner demon is--or what keeps me from being productive outside of my regular job. Yes, I do commit to what I have to do at work, but I have numerous side projects that I want to carry to fruition. And instead of executing my plans, I have a tendency to sit and watch TV. Reality shows mostly. Cop shows. Celebrity news. God, not even the real news.

So I've decided to put a face to my demon, as a way to recognize him when he's around. But rather than exorcize him, I'll just let him roam around my mental home, giggle, jump around, organize his purse and mostly, let him sit and watch TV while I get stuff done when I'm at home. We'll see if that works. Otherwise, I'll have to throw his lazy, purple butt out.


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