Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Open Facebook

Yesterday I took a friend up on an e-mail invitation to become his friend on Facebook. Suddenly I find myself putting my aol e-mail addresses through their Facebook friend finder and I've got 25 people I know who are already on Facebook. My fingers went flying and now I have over 60 "friends."

It's kind of neat to keep in closer touch with folks, especially theater people who are notorious for getting close during the show and then disappearing. The drawback is knowing too much. I mean, am I really interested in what my friends are feeling at any moment of the day? Do they want to know that I'm sluggish this morning or anxiously awaiting Friday night Karaoke?

Still, in moderation, I think Facebook will be fun. And I'm wondering too--I've had a MySpace page for a while, and I really haven't used it that much. We'll see if I become a Facebook slut or just a one-night stand.


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