Saturday, November 08, 2008

Down the Street from McCain

Well as everyone was gathering in Grant Park in Chicago I was boarding a plane to Phoenix for a two-day seminar. Oddly enough, I ended up at a beautiful resort built right next to a desert mountain. It was the Phonecian, an elegant place with a central fountain that resembled a tri-level pyramid (without the peak) and chandeliers inside matching but upsidedown. Then there were wonderful statues of native Americans.

The cab driver was from Kenya and was very excited about what he was hearing on the radio. He said that McCain was just down the street from my hotel in the Biltmore. I ended up getting into my room just before CNN projected Obama the winner. I started to unpack and then the projection came. Grant Park never looked so beautiful.


Blogger celia said...

i love the phoenician! that resort used to be owned by charles keating. i stayed there one weekend after the keating 5 scandal blew up and it had been sold to a group from abu dhabi, i think. workmen were taking all the medallions out the decorative work because it had "ck", keating's initials, in the middle of all of the medallions.

anyways, that resort is pretty posh. i stayed there the same weekend steely dan stayed there. i fainted in the gift shop and the doctor couldn't come because he was treating the band members for food poisoning.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Angel ABC said...

What's with you and fainting in stores??

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Albert said...

That's a wonderful hotel. I have a beautiful friend who still works there. He is in charge of making sure the guests are well taken care of.

8:55 PM  

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