Sunday, November 09, 2008

Angel Interviewed

More of my 15 mintues got used up yesterday when I sat with author Philip Gambone yesterday, who asked to interview me for his new book of profiles of "famous" gay people. He was visiting major metro areas picked me from the Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame. He said the AIDS-awareness work I did and my life as a dancer were strong aspects, but my professional life as a writer with a business magazine tipped the scales. He had interviewed several artists and wanted to get more individuals from the corporate sphere.

The publisher is Random House, which makes the outlook for this book promising. Beijing is one of his novels. And he showed me many of the people who he's interviewed so far, including Armistead Maupin of Tales of the City fame. It was a fun interview and he took a photo of me next the that new ad series at Circuit. I was clutching Miss Floozie's breast.


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