Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pride Weekend Pics

Whee! Here are a few photos from the pre-Pride party at Erik's, the Parade and the post-Parade dinner at Thai Classic. One of the guys I'm pictured with (he's wearing a visor) was a reality TV star. His name is John and he was on Bravo's Top Design. I recognized him because of his pretty lips (I posted on Bravo's blog how I thought they were the prettiest lips).
Pride 2007! How quickly they pass.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plans for Pride '07

The big weekend is upon us. Gay Pride Weekend in Chicago. And between fun with my personal friends and the social organization I'm with, Asians and Friends, there's a lot to do.

Tomorrow I see my friend Robert in Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. I've seen it once before and he's a hoot in high heels. I'm having dinner with my friends John and John and we're all going to see the show immediately afterwards.

Then Saturday night, there's a pre-Pride celebration with Asians and Friends at Erik's in Boys Town. And then Sunday, the Asians are in front of Caribou Coffee on Broadway for the Parade and then going to Thai Classic afterwards for a mid-day meal.

A long but fun weekend. Will I survive?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Big Weekend Illustrated

Finally, I'm able to get some shots up from my big graduation/Kiss Me Kate weekend last week. I've got graduation photos and pics from the dinner before the show.

Of course, Mom and Auntie Thelma were celebrity guests, but I was also able to connect with a bunch of really dear friends including Kristine and Belinda from the old Paulina bunch; Beth from the Sosa clan; my Godspell soul-mates Roberrr and John; my Joel Hall Dancer posse Tracey, Jorge, Chip, Mary and Betsy; my actor pal from L.A., Mike Naggi and his buddies; and some of my more recent friendships in folks like Kevin and Jack. Of course the glue of it all was Bob.

It's really so wonderful to be able to have these moments. I'm so blessed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Post Big Weekend

Just a quick note to say that last weekend was a blast. From the grad ceremony to the dinner to the show. I'll have photos and stuff to post soon, but my camera went into a bag that went with my friend Chip who took me to the Kiss Me Kate cast party. Mom and auntie are still with me until tomorrow--and we had the greatest time doing the architectural tour through the Chicago River yesterday. Chat soon!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mural Immortal

Well, there's one place in Chicago that everyone visiting me gets to see. It's my image on a mural hanging in a Chicago Public Library. The artist who got commissioned to do the work was also a student at the Joel Hall Dance Center and had some of us dancers pose for her.

I took my auntie and mom there today. It's the must-see destination!

The Mayor Invites Mom and Auntie to Dinner

Kind of wild, but my mom and auntie are visiting and while they were resting in the lobby of the Cultural Center, several well-dressed Filipinos (in formal barong and pina dresses) walked by. When she asked them what the celebration was, they invited her and my aunt up to the Mayor's official Filipino reception. Imagine that. Of all the things to stumble upon--and get invited to!

They had a dinner, saw a traditional dance exhibition and heard Chicago's Mayor Daley speak. I got there in time to photograph the pageant queens and mom and auntie with their newfound friends.

Mom and auntie will be with me for my graduation tomorrow and for Kiss Me Kate later that night. Big day tomorrow!