Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Denver Days

I just spent almost a week in Denver and Boulder, Colo. My initial days there I covered a Chevron conference. They took over the convention center there and made a big mock-up of a store. The one cool thing we did was see a concert at Red Rocks, an amphitheater cut right into the smooth red rocks of a mountainside. You could look down and see Denver. And Chevron hired Amy Grant and Vince Gil to sing just for us!
I spent the weekend in Denver jogging around and clubbing on Capitol Hill, whee! And then in Boulder, our company conference covered the tobacco category. We had dinner at the Red Lion Inn. It's along a windy road into the mountains. It was gorgeous. And so was last night's sunset behind the Rockies.
Back in Chicago now, but Denver was very exciting.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Day at the Races

Our CSP Oak Brook gang was out and about yet again this summer. Last week Friday--for my second time this year--we went to the Arlington International Raceway to bet the ponies. I did some smart guessing with strategic bets for win, place and show, but every time I bet on a horse that had the name of one of my co-workers in it, I lost big time. It was funny. The very last race, I bet on a horse called Anjelika. I have a co-worker named Angelica and I didn't want her to feel bad about no one betting on a horse with her name. So I bet $2 and the horse came in ... yes, dead last. Oh well, so much for science.
The afternoon proved to be about pennies for me. Even when I won, it was probably going to be $1.80 or $2 on top of your original (for me, $2) investment. Oh well. It was great fun. Yeeha!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me, Me, Me

Today I wanted to post my photos so I could get one onto my blog ... So here I am, in my many moods.
In one I feel like a Chinese girl, George Takei from Star Trek and a medical intern.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Racing Cars

The people at Generac Power Systems invited folks from my company to Road America, which is a professional auto-racing track in northern Wisconsin. I spent the day tooling in a golf cart looking at the hot rods and the sky show. A co-worker Brendon and his Dad Dennis came along.

It was really quite awesome. The noise, the speed of the cars coming around those turns, the parachute performers and the jets really made it an overwhelming experience.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nunsense A-Men!

My friend John, his partner Big John and I had a dinner meeting last night to discuss an idea that's been floating around of the three of us, our friend Robert and another, as yet uncast, person to do the male version of Nunsense! John sees me as Sister Mary Amnesia or a similarly named character. We're hoping to do it around Christmas and maybe take it on the road! It'll be fun! Updates soon ...

Erasure in Milwaukee

Me, Bob and Jorge drove up to Milwaukee to see Erasure, the 80's band that had hits like "Chains of Love" and "Respect." I didn't take photos of the concert, but I've got a bunch of me, Bob and Jorge roaming downtown Milwaukee prior to the show.

Milwaukee has a lovely River Walk and some very beautiful buildings including numerous churches, the old Hilton and the Pabst Theater where the concert was.
Then we also visited my friend Mark and his roommate Bill. They live in a great loft condo in downtown Milwaukee.